Dmitry Tsiplakov


Summary:  Experience in software design and development since 1984. Experience in GUI, OOD/OOP, real-time, LAN/Internet management, Image Processing. Languages : C, C++, C#, Ada, Modula-2, Pascal, Assembler Intel 80X86. Environments : MS DOS, MS Windows/95/NT/2000, Mac OS 7, VMS, Novell NetWare + Btrieve, SQL. Hardware : IBM PC, Apple Macintosh, VAX, Allen Breadley microprocessors PLC 2/17.

Employment Ness Technologies (ATL): 1998-.. Pseudo Real Time Applications Development. Infrastructure Group Leader.

Employment Identify Software Ltd. (Mutek) Or-Iehuda: 2001-2003 AppSight System development ( .NET capability, Log post-processing and data mining). Project Leader.

Employment as Freelancer: 1996-97 Internet based Storage System for large amount of data management. Multithreading, Connection with popular Database Management systems like Oracle, MS SQL Server .., TCP/IP, Netscape Plug-ins, CGI. Group of 4 employees. 1997 Macintosh based project. GUI for Object Oriented Database.

Employment ScanVec Ltd. Tel-Aviv: 1995-96 Cross platform development of Raster-to-Vector converting system. GUI, algorithm design, multi-processing solutions on Visual C++ on Windows NT and on Metrowerks C++ on Macintosh OS 7.5.1.

Employment InfoCom Ltd. (SoftClub) Minsk. : 1992-94 Application Generator with built-in programming language (DOS, GUI MS Windows style). It is based on Proprietary OO GUI Management System. Modula-2 , C++, Assembler Intel 80X86. IBM PC.

1990-94 Real-Time Power and Heat Supply Control Systems. Modula-2, Assembler and Microsoft C. IBM PC and Allen Bradley network with PLC-2/17 processors.

1993 Bank Credit System for Belorussian SberBank. Modula-2 , Novell Btrieve, SQL. LAN Novell NetWare.

1988-89 Industrial Automation System for textile factory (CAM). C, Novell Btrieve, SQL. LAN Novell NetWare.

1984 Medical Expert System Development. WANG Mini Computer, Basic + autocod

Education: 1983- 1988 Faculty of applied mathematics, Belorussian State University Minsk. Degree : B.A. and M.Sc. in computer science. Thesis: Advanced spelling correction algorithms.